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Owning A Dachshund

  • Dachshunds are Hounds. They have all the hound mannerisms - so if you have prize winning flowers or a lawn like a bowling green either make sure your dach cannot get to them or consider another breed. Dachshunds love to dig and root around and get generally muddy. With time and patience they can be taught to confine their digging to a particular place.

  • Dachshunds are long lived - hopefully 16 or more years. Are you prepared to commit yourself to a relationship this long?

  • Dachshunds can walk you off your feet, but they are quite happy to sit in front of the fire and watch the world go by.

  • Dachshunds tend to be greedy - watch how much they eat. A Dachshund that has been spayed will tend to put on weight very quickly and here is nothing worse to see than a waddling dachs. Also when spayed a longhaireds coat may go woolly.

  • They make wonderful companions - intelligent, patient and forgiving although they can be quite stubborn.

  • A deep bark and a protective instinct add up to a very good house dog.


(These are the opinions of Barok Dachshunds only)



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